Amkom Design Group Inc.: AMK075072

Description: 6ft Ku-Band Flex Waveguide

6ft Ku-Band Flexible and Twistable Waveguide


  • Robust Silver Plated Brass Core Construction 
  • Nickel Plated Brass Flanges 
  • High Strength Outer UV Coated Silicone Jacket 
  • Low Insertion and Return Loss 
  • Flexible and Twistable 
  • Hardware Kit Included With Each Flex 
  • Waveguide Protective Caps 
  • 5 Year Warranty


We put our in-house brilliant minded engineers to design and perfect a waveguide, which not only sustains its precision performance with its solid silver-plated brass core and nickelplated brass flanges during the harshest environmental conditions, but can also reliably be used for many years requiring virtually no maintenance. We implemented the unique combination of silicone and rubberized material, then topped with a protective UV coating. We are the only company which can offer a 5 year warranty on our waveguides. Thousands of our flexes are used across the globe in various SATCOM applications such as Ground Station, Airborne, Marine, Mobile and Manpack type terminals. To reduce manufacturing cost we use an ISO Certified reliable and efficient quality mass production house.



RF Frequency 10 -15 GHz
Flange Type WR75
Length 6 ft (1800 mm)
Core Material Silver - Plated Brass
Flange Material Nickel - Plated Brass
Low Insertion Loss 0.30 dB
Low Return Loss (VSWR) 20.7 dB
Flange Type PBR 120 / UBR 120
Bend Radius 60 mm / E, 110 mm / H (min)
Torsion Angle 365° /m (max)
CW Power kW 0.80
Max Power MW 0.20
Operating Temperature Range - 60 to 100° C
Jacket Material UV Coated High Strength Silicone


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