For example: Agilent E4440A or Anritsu 68369


Anritsu Corporation is a prominent Japanese manufacturer of test and measurement equipment, specializing in the field of telecommunications and RF technology. With a rich history spanning over 120 years, Anritsu has established itself as a leading provider of innovative solutions for industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and electronic manufacturing. The company offers a diverse range of products, including spectrum analyzers, signal generators, network analyzers, microwave components, optical instruments, and wireless communication equipment. Anritsu is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable products that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Their solutions are trusted by professionals worldwide for their accuracy, performance, and advanced features. With a global presence and a strong focus on research and development, Anritsu continues to drive advancements in test and measurement technology, contributing to the growth and development of the telecommunications and RF industries.