For example: Agilent E4440A or Anritsu 68369
Power Amplifier Test System VNMS with MS4623C Direct Receiver Access and MN4783A Handset Amplifier Test Set 6GHz

Model: ME7840/4 (MS4623C with MN4783A)

Manufactured by: Anritsu

Category:Network Analyzers

Anritsu ME7840/4 (MS4623C with MN4783A) Overview

The Anritsu ME7840/4 is intended for the measurement and real-time graphical display of the following parameters of a power amplifier in the frequency range of 10 MHz to 6 GHz:

  • S-parameters including Hot S22 and K-factor
  • Single-tone Power Sweep
  • Two-tone Power Sweep
  •  Intermodulation Distortion
  •  Harmonics
  •  Noise Figure
  •  Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR)

The ME7840/4 test system is designed to facilitate alignment, tuning and pass/fail testing of the components, modules, and sub-assemblies of RF and microwave power amplifiers as well as the assembled amplifier systems.  

The DRA Scorpion includes the following capabilities: 
  • Two internal, independent RF sources.
  • Each source has a range of –15 dBm to +10 dBm. A 0 dB to 70 dB step attenuator (10 dB / step) is provided for each source resulting in a power output range of –85 dBm to +10 dBm from each source
  • Complete built-in capability for IMD measurements. A combiner is provided in the test set. 
  • Internal Transfer Switch enabling S22 and Hot S22 measurements.
  • The reflectometer set-up is provided in the test set. 
  • Direct access to each of the four receiver channels (two reference channels and two test channels) for maximum flexibility in measuring forward and reverse S-parameters over a wide range of AUT output power.
  • The test set provides incident and reflected signal separation.
Frequency Range (MHz)          6GHz
Maximum AUT Power Output   5W
Reverse Measurements S22, Hot S22, S12 

Anritsu ME7840/4 (MS4623C with MN4783A) Options

3D  Source/3RD Port/Step ATTN
4E  6GHZ Noise Figure
08   Harmonic Measurements
13   Intermodulation Distortion
24   Processing Upgrade

Anritsu ME7840/4 (MS4623C with MN4783A) All Available Options Expand

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