For example: Agilent E4440A or Anritsu 68369
Test Port Extension Cable, Armored, 1.5 meters, DC to 6GHz, N(m) to 7/16 DIN(m)


Manufactured by: Anritsu

Category:Network Analyzers

Anritsu 15KKF50-1.5A - Network Analyzers

Anritsu 15KKF50-1.5A Overview

The Anritsu 15KKF50-1.5A is a specific model of coaxial attenuator offered by Anritsu Corporation. Here is an overview of the Anritsu 15KKF50-1.5A:

The Anritsu 15KKF50-1.5A is a coaxial attenuator designed to provide precise and adjustable signal attenuation in RF and microwave applications. It features a frequency range of up to 18 GHz and a maximum power rating of 1.5 watts. The attenuator is built with high-quality components and offers excellent signal integrity and reliability.

The 15KKF50-1.5A attenuator typically utilizes a standard coaxial connector, such as an N-type or SMA connector, for easy integration into RF systems. It allows for precise control over signal levels by attenuating the power of the RF signal passing through it. This is particularly useful in applications where signal power needs to be reduced without introducing significant signal distortion or loss.

The Anritsu 15KKF50-1.5A attenuator may have various attenuation levels available, allowing users to choose the desired level of signal reduction. It is often used in RF testing, telecommunications, aerospace, and other applications where accurate signal attenuation is required for signal conditioning, calibration, or testing purposes.

Overall, the Anritsu 15KKF50-1.5A coaxial attenuator provides a reliable and adjustable solution for signal attenuation in RF and microwave systems. Its wide frequency range, high power rating, and precise control make it a valuable component for professionals in need of accurate signal level adjustment in their applications.

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