For example: Agilent E4440A or Anritsu 68369
Active Head with 6 GHz and 70 ps pulse capability


Manufactured by: Fluke


Fluke 9560 - Probes

Fluke 9560 Overview

With our continued focus on securing your investment, the 9560 Active Head is the latest product to fulfill his promise, allowing current users of the 9500 to upgrade their equipment to any 9500B status and take advantage of more recent product and performance enhancements. The 9560 is able to deliver 6.0 GHz leveled sine wave and pulse edges of only 70 ps.
Unlike other oscilloscope calibrators, you’re not restricted to fixed amplitude pulses. Active Head Technology™ lets you adjust output amplitude between 4.44 mV and 3.1V, allowing you to check an oscilloscope’s amplifiers right down to their most sensitive ranges. Whatever amplitude you choose, controlled waveshape filtering ensures that all high-speed edges have an accurately defined energy distribution.

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