For example: Agilent E4440A or Anritsu 68369
400MHz - 2.5GHz RF Vector Signal Analyzer


Manufactured by: Keithley Instruments

Category:Network Analyzers

Keithley Instruments 2810 - Network Analyzers

Keithley Instruments 2810 Overview

The Model 2810 Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) from Keithley Instruments allows manufacturers of mobile phones, mobile radios, cordless phones, wireless sensors, and other industrial/medical telemetry products to reduce their test times, capital equipment costs, and test system development time significantly over current technology. This cost-effective instrument makes it possible for university-level training programs to afford installing sophisticated signal analysis instrumentation in both student labs and research labs, so users can make measurements quickly, without requiring an extended learning curve before they can operate the instrument. The Model 2810 complements the capabilities of Keithley's new Model 2910 Vector Signal Generator.

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