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Servo-Axis Board


Manufactured by: Keysight / Agilent

Category:Miscellenious / Other

Keysight / Agilent 10936B - Miscellenious / Other

Keysight / Agilent 10936B Overview

The Agilent 10936B Servo-Axis Board is a programmable, digital servo with built-in motion control algorithms. The combined servo-axis board provides a complete closed-loop positioning solution for Agilent 5527B laser interferometer systems. Outputs include ±10 V analog, pulse-width modulated, and 16-bit digital for a variety of commercially-available motors and amplifiers.

Custom algorithms can be downloaded to tune the servo for application requirements. A trace capability optimizes and verifies system performance. Special features include coordinated multiaxis moves, velocity profiling, buffered position profiling, and drive enable/disable.


  • Typical Power Requirements (not including receiver): +5V at 2.5 A, +15V at 30 mA, -15V at 45 mA
  • Selectable Difference Equation:
  • Proportional, Integral, Difference (PID)
  • 9th Order Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) Filter
  • User-specified difference equation can be downloaded
  • Programmal Difference: Equation Coefficients, Powerful TRACE command to aid user in optimizing difference equation and feedforward coefficients
  • Programmable Feedforward Terms: Feedforward Velocity, Feedforward Acceleration, Feedforward Delta Acceleration
  • Programmable Sample Rate: 250 Hz to 8 kHz
  • Choice of Profiling, or contour, to be followed during motion: Position Profiling, Velocity Profiling, Buffered Position Profiling
  • Motor Drive Outputs +/-10V Analog (DAC OUT and AGND):
  • Resolution: 0.305 mV
  • Offset: +/-15 mV
  • Data Rate: Output updated at sample rate
  • Pulse Width Modulated: (PULSE UP-, PULSE DOWN-)
  • Resolution: 125 ns
  • Data Rate: Output updated at sample rate
  • 16-Bit Digital (uses binary interface DATA OUT lines): Format: 2''s complement
  • Data Rate: Output updated at sample rate
  • Additional Rear Panel Outputs
  • DRIVE ENABLE OUT- to turn on user motor drive
  • ERROR-, PATH ERROR- to inform user of error conditions
  • WINDOW (high when position within a specified range of marker)
  • Response Time: 2 us maximum
  • THRESHOLD (high when position more positive than marker)
  • Response Time: 2 us maximum
  • Rear Panel Inputs
  • Negative true inputs to turn off Motor Drive outputs
  • Maximum response time: Sample period (1/sample rate) + 0.3 ms
  • 16-Bit Binary Interface Transfer Rates
  • Input (Destinations and Commands): 0.1-10 kHz
  • Output (Position): 0.1-10 kHz
  • Rates vary depending on data format, system configuration, and servo-axis board setup.
  • Trace capability simplifies optimization and servo-loop characterization
  • Customized routines tune the system to your requirements
  • Automatic environmental compensation available for maximum repeatability
  • Field or factory installation offers system flexibility
  • Output position data at up to 10 kHz
  • Up to six boards per system for maximum design flexibility
  • Trace Capability: Record up to four system signals, (including desired and actual position) as a move is taking place. Results are displayed on the controller through HP-IB or 16-bit binary interfaces.
  • Customized Routines: Built-in or customized routines can be downloaded to the servo-axis board. Simply enter the coefficients of the chosen algorithm, and add the desired feed-forward terms and limits on velocity, acceleration, and change of acceleration.
  • Environmental Compensation: The Agilent 10946C compensation board can be configured with the system to maximize system accuracy and repeatability in changing environments.

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