For example: Agilent E4440A or Anritsu 68369
1320 DC Bias Current Source


Manufactured by: Quadtech

Category:Miscellenious / Other

Quadtech 1320 - Miscellenious / Other

Quadtech 1320 Overview

  • Programmable DC Bias Current to 20 Amps
  • Connects to LCR Meters for Inductance Measurements versus DC Current
  • DC Resistance Measurements
  • Forward/Reverse Biasing, Programmable
  • Multi-point Current Testing
  • Easy to Read LCD Display
  • Four-Terminal Kelvin Connections
  • Store/Recall up to 50 Test Groups
  • GPIB and I/O Interfaces Standard
  • Slave Units Extend Bias Current to 100 Amps

The QuadTech 1320, DC Bias Current Source, is a programmable DC current source with DC resistance measuring capability for testing a wide range of inductive components. The 1320 provides 0 to 20 Amps of DC current and measures DC resistance from 0 to 200 ohms.

The unit can be used as stand alone or used in conjunction with a variety of LCR Meters for evaluating inductance characteristics of components under DC bias conditions.The 1320 is a versatile unit, with a wide selection of user programmable capabilities, for testing or evaluation of inductor characteristics with a DC b

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